Monday, 3 February 2014

Magical Stellenbosch I

oil on canvas

From the latest wine & art exhibition at the Oude Libertas Gallery, Stellenbosch adjoining the wine festival.
The concept behind this series of 4 was to portray the landscape from a graphical point of view: lines, shapes, composition and the ever so magical key, colour itself.
I limited myself to a very basic colour palette and kept the colour bright and clear to convey the intense light of the African sun.
The unique positioning of our vineyards, the soil, climate and the heat of the sun plus a dose of ocean breeze right at the southern tip of Africa can only produce wines of exceptional quality.
My aim was to portray the feeling of joy, laughter, wine, food and friends in a kind of fun way.

Copyright  Pera Schillings
All rights reserved

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